When planning an outdoor trip, the first item that should come into your mind is a survival knife. It is a useful tool and a vital weapon that you need to pack when going to the woods. Even though there are different types of survival knives, knowing the best way to use to it can help you buy the good one. Below are the multiple uses for a knife or a survival knife.

5 Uses of a survival knife



A survival knife is the best item you need for self-defense. Whether it is an evil person attacking you or an animal, you can use the knife to defend yourself. Also, if you are required to get some food, you can use it to get fish or small animals. You can also use it to make way in the jungle. Therefore, whatever the situation, you can use the knife for protection. However, you need to check the quality of your knife. If it is not sharp, it might not help you.

Fishing and hunting

For people who love hunting or fishing, they need a survival knife for various tasks. It is an essential tool that can be very useful when you go hunting or fishing. You can use it skin an animal or fillet a fish. Hence it is a very useful tool in the forest. Also, it is one of the best tools you need in the wild to process your food. You can use the knife to trim meat from the bone, cut large pieces of meat, or sharpen sticks for holding the meat.

First aid

While you are in the forest, there are many chances of you or one of your members getting hurt. Hence, you can use the knife to cut the bandages. Even though you might be having scissors for the job, a survival knife can be used in all areas. You can use the knife open anesthesia bottle to pour the liquid on the wound.


Apart from hunting and self-defense, a survival tool can be used to make tools. Most people use it to make fire bow, tents, and hunting tools. But you need to ensure it is of high quality and sharp enough to help you make the tools you want.

Opening boxes and packages

Whether you are at home or on an outdoor trip, you need a survival knife to help you open boxes and bags. While outdoors, you might not have the required tools to open specific boxes. Therefore, a survival knife can be very useful. Besides, some of the packages cannot be opened with bare hands. For instance, during special occasions where you have many gift boxes, you need a useful tool to unlock all the boxes.


There are many uses of survival knives. So, if you are not sure whether to have a survival knife, you need to consider the above uses. However, keep in mind there are different types of survival knives. Therefore, ensure you pick the best kind that suits your needs.

5 Uses of Survival Knife

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