If you are heading out for hiking to explore nature with your friend or family, there are certain things you need to know before going ahead. It does not matter if you are planning a trip to the mountains, parks, forests. The items mentioned in the article will definitely bee you ultimate checklist for your hiking adventure.

Clothing and footwear

If you are going on a multiple-day hiking adventure, it is highly recommended that you look for the weather forecast beforehand to ensure that everything goes as planned. Looking at the weather forecast will tell you what kind of clothing and footwear to wear to keep you warm and cosy during the whole trip.

Bring your own shelter

A multiple-day trek requires you to stay in some extreme climate and during your time of rest, you do not want to expose yourself to the elements. Getting a good quality trail tent with you will save you the trouble of getting ill or getting injured or attacked by animals. Try to look for quality tents, Ozark Trail Tent has some of the best options for trail tent review to help you in your next trekking adventure.

Food and water

Although you are visiting nature in its natural form, you would not want to go ahead without any preparation. Getting sufficient food and water is the best thing for you and your friends’ wellbeing, pack snacks like energy bars, jerky and nuts which you can munch on the trip and will also give you the right amount of energy. It is recommended that you bring 2 litres of water depending on the type and the days you will be trekking for, also age, sweat rate and body type matters.

Navigation devices

The one main purpose of having a navigation device such as a map or compass will help you with the trail and keep you on track. The last thing you want is to get lost in your hiking adventure with a limited amount of food and water. Try to talk to a guide before heading out and understand the trail properly and do not take a different route or you might get lost. Stay on the track!

Emergency first aid

You are going on an adventure where you are exposed to elements. It is a matter of time before someone gets hurt, it is essential that you carry the basic first aid supplies, match sticks, whistle with you to ensure everything is under control when everything goes wrong. Also making sure about the right type of clothing can help you in the process. Some additional things you should carry include Hand sanitizers, menstrual products,  prescribed medication.


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